Activated charcoal bentonite cat litter

Activated charcoal bentonite cat litter is an absorbent, clumping litter that reduces odor, moisture, and dust. It’s considered pet-friendly and beneficial for cats’ health.


1.99% Dust-free ECO-Friendly Multiple Dust Removal ProcessesNon-toxic Safe To Use

2.Do Not Stick To The Bottom Of TrayClumps Do Not Fall ApartFast Absorption Strong Clumping

3.Special Designed Granulation Won’t Stick To Your Cat Pawsand Make You House Messy

4.It Can Wrap The Stool Well, PreventThe Smell From Coming Out, AndCan Add Various Scents To BetterInhibit The Smell

Model SC-10
Size 1-3.5mm
Color grey
Feature Low dust
Craft Natural crushing
Shape irregular shape
Material bentonite


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