Bentonite Cat Litter

Bentonite cat litter is made by 100% natural sodium bentonite,It lets you scoop odors away, leaving your litter box clean and fresh.


Its special clumping granules quickly absorb liquid while lasting weeks longer than conventional litter. Your cats will be delighted at the natural,99% dust free hygienic and fast clumping product.
Advantages :
*Excellent Odor Control
*Superior Clumping
*99% dust free
*Easy Scoop
*Deodorizing and bacteriostatic

Shape Ball
Raw material Sodium Bentonite
Color Grey
Density 0.80g/ml
Granules Size 1-3.5mm
Moisture ≤10%
Water Absorption >400%
Compressed Resistance(g) >400g
Coagulability >400%
Deodorization rate 70-90%
Specific Packing Gravity(g/m) About 0.75-0.83g/ml
Moisture ≤10%


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