Pine Wood Cat Litter

Made of sustainably sourced pine shavings,Effectively absorbs liquids and odors on contact.


Pour 1 inch of Feline Pine Litter into a clean litter box and add 1-2 inches of your old litter brand on top of the Feline Pine Litter. Do not mix; Your cat will mix as it is used.
The next time you change the litter box, fill with 1 inch of Feline Pine and a lesser amount of your old litter brand. Repeat this for 3 to 4 changes, lessening the amount of your old litter each time.
Fill litter box with 1 inch of Feline Pine. At this point the transition should be complete. However, some cats do need more time, so don’t give up! Repeat step 2 as needed, knowing that you are making a smart Choice for the health of your cat and home.

Weight 5 kg,10 kg,20kg
Animal Type Small Animal
Product Type Litter
Litter 20lb/9.1kg
Litter Type Wood


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